WWII Vet Who Raised Millions For Health Care Workers Receives A Huge Birthday Gift

Captain Tom Moore - Birthday gift

WWII veteran Captain Tom Moore became one of the most famous citizens in Great Britain when he raised millions for the nation’s health workers. According to BBC, he received 125,000 birthday cards from all around the world.

Earlier this month, Captain Moore vowed to walk 100 laps of his garden — 10 each day — in time for his 100th birthday. He had hoped that his walking mission would raise £1,000 (about $1,200) in pledges to thank Britain’s National Health Service (NHS) for his new hip. However, the donations reached over £29 million and definitely gained more attention than he had expected.

Now, well wishers from around the world sent thousands and thousands of birthday cards to Captain Moore ahead of his birthday. The BBC said that his nephew asked his school for help to sort out all the birthday cards his grandfather received.

Bedford School staff, parents and students opened every single card and put them on display in the school’s great hall, according to the BBC. Moore even received cards from Prince William and Duchess Kate and England football captain Harry Kane.

The volume of cards that have been sent to granddad is just astonishing,” his grandson told BBC News. “So many of the cards are truly heartfelt with thousands from young children who have taken the time to use their artistic talent and write a personal message.

What a wonderful gesture towards the veteran. There is hope for humanity after all.

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