WATCH: Trump’s latest jab at the media will make your day

Trump jabs at the media

Trump jabs at the media

President Trump made a hilarious joke today, saying he would like to put journalists in the NASA and SpaceX rocket launch next week and send them away “for a while.”

After being asked by a reporter about the upcoming NASA and SpaceX rocket launch, President Trump said, “I’m thinking about going, that’ll be next week, to the rocket launch. I hope you’re all going to join me. I’d like to put you in the rocket and get rid of you for a while.

Of course, Trump immediately went viral on the Internet.

So fun having a President with a sense of humor.” – one person tweeted.

Another person tweeted, “I love his sense of humor and his wonderful smile. When he is relaxed and smiling he seems like such a sweet guy. Sadly, the media keeps him always on the defensive.

One person said, “That was actually kind of funny and nice the way he said it. He’s learning on the job these past couple of months. He’s still Trump, but he’s shown a bit of empathy at times. That’s a good line though!

On the other hand, there are also people that slammed him for this epic jab.

One person tweeted, “Yes, I’m sure he would prefer to get rid of the people who catch him in his constant lies.

Another person said, “It’s certainly easier for him than accepting any responsibility or telling the truth. Easier for you too.

What are your thoughts on this?