WATCH: Meghan McCain Refuses To Bash Lindsey Graham On The View

Meghan McCain

Meghan McCain admitted on The View that she wasn’t very thrilled by Sen. Lindsay Graham’s comments recently. However, she also refused to bash him.

Graham was the topic of conversation on The View after a video surfaced of a talk between Graham and an Iraq War veteran.

The veteran approached Graham and said that Trump had violated his oath of office. The veteran also reminded Graham that he too had taken an oath.

Graham’s response to this was “I did, I gotta go.” He then walked away.

Was — did he think that — what do you think happened? Did he just — what was — what?” Whoopi was flabbergasted.

He’s thinking, ‘Oh my God. He’s going to get me to talk against Trump! Oh my God. I won’t be able to win the election! Trump will be mean to me, and I’ll have to go back to doing whatever I did before I became a senator. Oh my God,” Joy Behar started blabbering. “That’s what he was thinking.

He’s a savvy enough politician,” Abby Huntsman added. “At least let the guy finish what he was saying. Or respond to him. Maybe that was a moment of weakness. Lindsey Graham could at least come out now and say I apologize for doing that. What I don’t like seeing is people losing their humanity, losing who they are, because of Trump.

Well, I think — I have been in situations like that in the Senate hall or the Congressional halls and there’s always people trying to make news with cameras,” McCain added. “It happened, like, I can remember Code Pink one time, like, storming my dad’s office and you never really know.

Lindsey is really hard for me to talk about in public because I have had to reconcile his politics right now are very different than mine, but I have known the man since I was ten and I love him very much,” McCain continued.

So it’s hard for me, and again, that’s the best part about being on ‘The View’ is I don’t have to pretend to be a journalist, and I know he’s currently fighting with Joe Biden right now, and it’s literally like watching family members go after each other, and I think Trump years do weird things to people, and I don’t condone what he did, but I get it. If a veteran did it, they could probably do whatever they want to me, I don’t know. I don’t love it, but I can’t talk crap about him. I’m sorry.”

Goldberg responded, “You don’t have to talk crap about him, one could say, you know, you have got to be a little more respectful to the vets. You just do.

He was in the Air Force 33 years. So yes,” McCain responded to her.