Rep. Zeldin Goes After Schiff Over His Role In Russia Probe

Lee Zeldin - Adam Schiff

Rep. Lee Zeldin unleashed on Rep. Adam Schiff today, saying that he should be removed from his role as chairman of the House Intelligence Committee. In addition, he also said Schiff should resign because of his role in the Russia investigation.

Adam Schiff should not be the chair of the House Intelligence Committee. His gavel should be removed. He should be censured. He should resign,” Zeldin said Monday on Fox News. “There’s a lot that should happen, but Nancy Pelosi isn’t going to punish Adam Schiff. In fact, that’s the reason why he has the gavel in the first place.

Republicans have been critical of Schiff in recent weeks after reports suggested Schiff was trying to block the release of some of the transcripts of the investigation’s 53 witness interviews.

He’s the chair of the House Intelligence Committee, which became the House Impeachment Committee because of the way he writes these fairy-tale parodies,” Zeldin said.

Rep. Zeldin also added that certain friends in the media helped Schiff and the Democrats impeach Trump.

It’s actually one that the Democrats were reward. It’s one that the media rewards,” Zeldin said. “So, I’m not going to expect any repercussions even though he should resign today.

Rep. Zeldin is right folks. Schiff should definitely resign from his post over his involvement in the impeachment process.

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