Pelosi Absolutely Loses It After Trump’s Latest Jab At Her

Pelosi and Trump are at it again

House Speaker Pelosi hit back at Trump today, saying his behavior is “so completely inappropriate in so many ways.” In addition, she also compared it to a person with dog excrement on his shoes.

It’s like a child who comes in with mud on their pants or something, if they are outside playing with it,” Pelosi told reporters who asked. “He comes in with doggy-doo on his shoes, and everyone who works with him has that on their shoes too for a very long time to come.

In addition, the House Speaker suggested that medical professionals have approached her about Trump’s mental health.

I hear doctors talk to me about, you know, what’s the matter with him?” she said. “The things he says are so inappropriate for a president of the United States. The comments he makes about women. So inappropriate.

Pelosi then called Trump a “confabulator … someone who just really doesn’t even know what the truth is and just says anything.

As you know, earlier this week, Pelosi said Trump is “morbidly obese.” However, the President hit back hard, calling Pelosi “a waste of time” and “sick … with a lot of mental problems.

Lately, Trump and Pelosi have escalated their war of words. They haven’t talked since October but since then, they have traded some pretty ugly insults.

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