Joy Behar Loses It Over Trump-Jiang Clash

Joy Behar slams Trump over Weijia Jian clash

Hosts of The View blasted President Donald Trump over his latest White House press conference on the coronavirus pandemic.

The show focused on how President Trump used his latest press conference to spar with CBS’ Weijia Jian – with him telling her to “ask China” about coronavirus testing, then abruptly ending the presser when faced with a question from CNN’s Kaitlan Collins.

Donald Trump’s critics, including Joy Behar, immediately tried to call this another example of Trump’s racist tendencies.

“We all know now that he’s a racist. He’s a disgusting racist,” she exclaimed. “We knew it when he attacked Mexicans. We knew it when he defended Charlottesville people, and we know it when he goes after China and he goes after a Chinese-American girl.”

Behar said the clash is a “red meat” for Trump fans, “and anybody who still supports this guy needs to look in the mirror and ask themselves if they are racist also. That’s all I have to say about him.” CNN commentator and guest-host Ana Navarro followed up by calling Trump “an equal opportunity jerk” who hates being challenged, but she praised Jiang and Collins for how they handled the exchange.

“Good for those two women for standing up. I think they’re doing us proud, and the question that he was being asked was not a challenging question,” Navarro said. “It was a normal question. It was a rational question. It was a logical question. If you don’t have what it takes to answer even the simplest of questions, really, you’re better off going on your tirades and tantrums on Twitter.”