Customer Leaves $1,300 Tip To Support Texas Restaurant After Shutdown

Customer - Texas Restaurant

Frog & The Bull restaurant in Austin, Texas, opened its doors and welcomed customers on Friday. However, owner David Fernandez will definitely remember that night after what had happened in the restaurant.

A whole family, who are regulars there, on Friday ordered a filet mignon, scallops, grilled steak and other items. The check came out to a hefty $337, which is huge. However, the customer asked the waiter to charge him double for the meal. The waiter was shocked as he had never received such a request so he called his boss.

He said charge me double for everything and I asked, ‘Are you sure?’ Fernandez recalled. “He said, ‘yes.’

However, the customer doubled-down. After the customer paid double for the food, he then added a $300 tip for the waiter and another $1,000 “for the house,” according to a picture of the check. His total came out to be $2,029.

I was really shocked at first because I didn’t understand why he was giving it to me,” Pikoff told CNN. “But he said that he was extremely grateful that we were open and putting ourselves at risk to serve the community.

“I didn’t really know what to say,” Fernandez told CNN. “It was extremely generous and I was just so wowed by it.

The Frog & The Bull, an Iberian-inspired tapas restaurant, wasn’t even five-months-old when the coronavirus pandemic led to an early closure on St. Patrick’s Day.

As expected, the restaurant was hit pretty hard during this epidemic. He explained how they had to manage during this crisis.

We literally overnight reinvented ourselves from an upscale casual dining establishment into what I told my executive chef had to be a badass food truck without wheels,” Fernandez said.

So when Texas’ stay-at-home order expired on April 30 and establishments started opening back up Friday, Fernandez was excited.

We were well prepared to deal with all the advisories,” he said. “For example, we can only seat 25% max capacity so we have a very strict seating scheme that’s timed out to keep people safe.

Fernandez also added that the money are certainly more than welcome and that they will definitely help the restaurant in these difficult times.