Couple Build Amazing Shipping Container Home For Debt-Free Living

Shipping Container Home

Waking up debt and mortgage-free is definitely one of the best feelings in the world. Living in a beautiful house comes with a price, and most homeowners in the U.S. spend almost a quarter of their life paying for it.

Huge amount of down payments and interest to build a livable home has prompted others to be more creative with solutions. That’s what Jaimie and Dave, a couple from Cowlitz County, exactly did.

The couple decided to make two shipping containers their alternative home, and the outcome was amazing.

Instead of living in debts and mortgages, Jaimie and Dave, made their home from one 20ft container and another 40ft one. Inside their home, they have everything they need, and filled it with love and joy.

Jaimie said:

“…We thought, how hard is it to stick a couple of containers together? It’s like legos, right?” 

The couple bought a land and spent about $80k turning the two containers into their amazing home. Their entire home is DIY built, from its structure, plumbing, electrical wirings, welding, and all the construction work.

After estimating their costs, Jaimie and Dave started working Mondays to Thursday, and Fridays and the weekends were reserved for constructing the house.

In about ten months, the house was ready for living.

Judging by the pictures, it looks spectacular!

The home has a beautiful bedroom upstairs, and a spacious lounge, kitchen, pantry, and a bathroom on the first floor.

Their garden is also magical.

Midway through the process, Dave suffered a spontaneous intracranial hemorrhage. Yet, with mutual support and strength, they managed to overcome the obstacle and did not give up on their dream.

Smiling, Jaimie said that it was a valuable lesson:

 “I think what this has taught us about ourselves is that we can do things that are really, really hard that if we do them together, we can definitely accomplish it.”