Allen West releases a statement after his horrific accident

Allen West releases a statement after accident

Allen West releases a statement after accident

Former rep. Allen West is recovering well from a concussion and several fractured bones after having a motorcycle accident, his spokesman said.

Luke Twombly said West’s injuries are serious, but West “plans to continue to be a proponent for freedom and the state of Texas, and will resume his regular calendar of activities upon clearance by his medical team.”

Allen West was hit by a fellow motorcyclist during his drive back from a “Free Texas Rally” after a car cut in front of them.

He said law enforcement reported that “an unidentified vehicle changed lanes when unsafe” in front of the motorcyclists. 

The motorcyclist attempted to brake, and the rear motorcyclist crashed into the front motorcyclist.  Both motorcyclist(s) were transported to Baylor Scott and White in Waco to be treated for non-life threatening injuries,’” Twombly said, citing law enforcement officials.

West’s wife, Angele Graham West, said in a Facebook post Saturday that the former GOP lawmaker was in the hospital.

The internet community immediately showed their support.

“Lord place your hands on our beloved Col. West. May he be healed in glory to God!” one person tweeted.

Another person said, “Father God hear our prayers for our fellow patriot Allen West. Please put your healing and protecting hands on him and encamp your angels around him and the doctors and nurses working on him. May their hands be delicate yet strong and may they be precise in action.