Rep. Adam Schiff Planning More Impeachment Hearings

Adam Schiff

Rep. Adam Schiff said he’s planning to hold more impeachment hearings amid claims from the left that House Democrats did not make their case for Trump impeachment.

Over the weekend, The New York Times questioned whether Dems should move forward with an impeachment vote, given that House Intelligence Committee, led by Adam Schiff, failed to do much more than establish circumstantial evidence of a possible wrongdoing by President Trump.

Moderate Democrats say the hearings, which featured mainly second-hand witnesses, are costing them support and could cost them.

Independents are distancing themselves from the impeachment inquiry, and for the first time since the hearings started, less than 50% of Americans believe President Trump should be impeached.

The New York Times questioned Schiff’s handling of the impeachment inquiry during the weekend, suggesting the absence of big-name witnesses shows Schiff is nervous about his own case.

The Times noted that Schiff hasn’t put any of the big names, mentioned in witnesses’ testimony, on the stand for cross-examination.

On Monday, Adam Schiff told CNN that he’s reconsidering wrapping up his report before Thanksgiving and may now call additional witnesses, including, potentially, John Bolton.

“We don’t foreclose the possibility of more depositions, more hearings,” Schiff said Sunday. “We are in the process of getting more documents all the time. So that investigative work is being done.”

“We’ve certainly been in touch with [John Bolton’s] lawyer and what we’ve been informed by his lawyer because we invited him and he did not choose to come in and testify is if we subpoena him, they will sue us in court,” Schiff said. “Now, he will have to explain one day if he maintains that position why he wanted to wait to put it in a book instead of telling the American people what he knew when it really mattered to the country.”